Nicolas Bernier

Nicolas Bernier
Nicolas Bernier
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1977
Composer • performer (objects, electronics) • visual artist (vidéo)

Electroacoustic artist, surround sound composer, occasional curator, old typewriter aficionado and sandcastle manufacturer. Careless about aesthetic tags, Nicolas Bernier navigates trough live electronics, installations, musique concrète, art video, performance, music for dance, theatre and cinema. In the midst of this eclecticism, his artistic concerns remain constant: the balance between the cerebral and the sensual, and between organic sound sources and digital processing. He his the founder of the sound art microorganism Ekumen, member of the media art organization Perte de Signal and he his the the art director of Réseaux, a major Canadian electroacoustic concert producer. His works have been awarded or broadcast in festivals around the world including Prix Ars Electronica (Austria), AKOUSMA (Canada), Mutek (Canada), DotMov Festival (Japan) and Transmediale (Germany). www.nicolasbernier.com


Saturday, October 30, 2010

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