Félix-Antoine Morin

Félix-Antoine Morin
Félix-Antoine Morin
Québec, Canada, 1977

Félix-Antoine Morin explores different types of abstract languages in the context of traditional and new forms of arts, based on sound or visuals. In 1998, an interest for visual art led him to UQAM. Starting in 2006, in Conservatoire de musique de Montreal with Louis Dufort and Yves Daoust, Morin analyzed and studied electroacoustic music composition as well as new technologies for digital creation. During 2007, he took part in the activities of the collective Parabolik Guerilla for Symbolocaust, a multimedia performance inspired by ritual dance and religion.

Morin is also a member of the instrumental trio tttttttttttttttttttt, a group based on improvisation with an music album released on the label Evoc in Evens (2006) and two other albums available on Brise-cul-Record (2007-2008). He recently worked with creators of different art backgrounds like musicians of Nuclear Ramjet (2006) and Canadian choreographer Serge Bennathan (2008). His piece FEED METAL DIRT received a second price for the JTTP competition organized by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community.

His music was played in Canada at Sound Play Festival (Toronto) and around the world at Em-Horen (Berlin), in France, in Turkey, in Czech Republic, in Sweeden and in Chile.



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